hi guys… as you can see this is my second post since i started this blog thing… so yeah i’m a COMPLETE NEWBIE… LOL…. but the thing is i just can’t get the hang of this blog making activities… so after i write my first post here i was like “what am i supposed to do next??” and i thought “oh maybe i’ll just wait for my post to get reviews and comments and then i can figure out what else to do here”… so i wait and wait and wait and wait and guess what? after waiting all night i only got 2 views and 0 comment on my blog, can this get any sadder?? GAH!! this is hopeless… am i doing it wrong?? so to you all senior blogger out there and happens to read this please comment it so i can know if i’m doing it right…


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10th day

hi guys… i just realized that today is the 10th day since i started do this blog thing… at first i was so confused about what to do here, i haven’t written anything before so i was completely clueless.. but now i starting to enjoy writing here..  i can pour all of my thought here, i can share my opinions and ask for feedback from everyone else, and there are lot of knowledge that i can gain by reading other people’s blog… that is why i’m trying to remain active here on wordpress and hope that i can post something everyday even by posting some random thought (and this post count as one ^^)… and i want to thank those that liked my posts and commented them, because just by doing that you guys already supported me to keep writing.. i hope my future post will be useful even just to make you laugh… hahaa

ps: please do me a favor and let me know how i’ve been doing… ^^

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i’m too lazy to write *yawn*

hi guys… i don’t feel like writing today, i’m too lazy… booo… anyway lets talk about laziness shall we?? as much as we don’t want to admit it, we all have this thing called laziness… you say you don’t?? one word “IHATEYOU!!!”… i’m one of those who you calls lazy bum, and i’m proud of it (what the hell?!!).. but that’s too had a cause (o yeah i have an alibi *devilish laugh*), that’s because everyday i do the same routine… i basically only do 3 thing which is sleep, eat and go to sleep again, wow i am the master of all lazy bums… wooohoooo….

most people would probably have this stereotype thoughts that laziness=stupidity.. and that is just dumb, i mean we’re just lazy to do things ourselves so to make up for that we enhance our brain so we can make other people to do them for us… so the conclusion must be laziness=genius!! yes take that you stereotype peoples… LOL… but i really don’t encourage people to be lazy, it will be much better if we can do things our own… after all laziness is something negative but it’s all the more reason to think more positive about it so we can do what we can to stop that laziness…

i think that’s all for this post, i’m too busy to write more (i have to get more sleep)… hahaha… so like every other of my posts i would like to hear your comment about this topic too… so please comment below and prove to me that you are not a lazy bum!! now i’ll get more comments (probably)

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crowded gym

hi guys… do you ever think of going to the gym? i mean not just visiting the gym but actually working out there? lately i realized that gym is getting more and more member each day… why do i know this you ask??  because i am a member of a gym myself… LOL… at first my gym had like only few members but as i went there each day i met more and more new faces there… eventually that gym became so crowded i can’t even work out peacefully,  when i was like seriously lifting weight i heard this scream like “uuaaagggghhhhh” and “gaahhhhh” and guess what, it came from this huge man when he lift this monstrous looking dumbbell (i wish i can do that too *sigh*)… this scream keeps going on and on and on and on, i mean can’t this guys lift his weight with errr… less scream?? i know that sometimes by screaming we can gain additional strength and sometimes i do that myself but not as loud as they do.. another type of disturbance i got when the gym is crowded is when i use an equipment there some stranger would come and say “can i join?” and i was like “sure”… but it’s just so inconvenient that i have to adjust the weight back everytime he change it.. well it’s not all bad though there’s also a good side in everything right… when someone join me while training we can get help from them whenever we need.. oh and not to mention how hard it is to find the dumbbell, it scattered all over the place!!! some stupid members decide to throw them everywhere after they done with it.. it pissed me off so badly that i decide to never i mean NEVER go to the gym when it is crowded, that’s why i choose to go there every morning where there’s less people… hahaha…

so that’s my story about crowded gym… do you guys have any? well lets share it here…

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hi guys… it looks like there’s another job for my imagination again today… so today’s topic is “if you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?”… it’s the easiest question ever, i meant it… the thing that i want most is to be successful in everything i do, that count as one thing right?? it has to be!!… LOL… why you ask?? another easy question to be answered… i mean it’s way better that to ask for money, gold, job, car, girls or whatever it is… because just by being successful in everything and i meant EVERYTHING!!! it’s not that i’m selfish or what but like everyone else (yes that includes you… haha), we all want to be successful in what we do… i just add another word to it which is “everything”… gosh i love that word!!!

anyway that is just me imagining things… LOL… but let’s just be realistic for once, there’s no person in existence that can be successful in everything.. we all have those up and down moment which will complete the circle of life.. if we never fail we will never taste what it is like to be successful, the word “success” only exist if the word “fail” also there.. it’s like living an eternal life without knowing death, we won’t enjoy life to the fullest if there’s no limit to it…it will just go on and on and on, just like that movie errr… what was it called again?? that movie that have vampires on it… oh yeah twilight, the vampire always want to be human because their life are super boring.. or is it the human that want to be vampire?? hmmm… nah forget it, anyway that is what life so precious because we know that will die eventually so we have to enjoy every second of it…

so that’s my imagination’s answer to the question “if you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?”… what’s yours?? i really want to know… hope you can post them here in my comments ^^

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perfect nation??

hi guys… another day another topic, man these topics are getting harder and harder each day… so apparently today’s topic is about making our own nation, i mean how cool can that be if we can really do it… i think i’ll let my imagination to do all the work now, lets see….. if i’m gonna make my own nation it’s gonna be a small and less crowded one but has more entertainment in it… i want to make a entertainment paradise for all kind of people to enjoy and i’ll make sure to have absolutely no limitation on it… children will have their own play ground where they can play roles (like being fireman, pilot, etc), games, and not to mention there’s gonna be a miniature city made of legos where they can play with… adult and teenager will have their own amusement park where they can do all kind of things such as roller coaster, bungee jumping, flying fox, you name it… oh and also casino!!! legal one that is… LOL… and for the elders there’s going to be lots of clubs and errrr… hmmmm… what else they enjoy??? i’m not there yet so i don’t know.. hahah…

even though it is an entertainment paradise nation but we also need rules and law to keep it going and to make sure there’s nothing will went wrong (hopefully)… i haven’t really thought about it yet…. *silent*…. nah i’ll figure it out when the time comes, all that matter is we can all have fun there right?? LOL

well since you guys are very kind to actually help me in making my post by commenting and giving me ideas to complete the posts,  i was wondering if you can fill in the blank (the rules)… so can you guys help me again on this?? pretty please?? hahaa

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What is Freedom?? ugh my head!!

hi guys… today’s topic is freedom… gosh!! just typing that word already made my head spins…. anyway lets just do it so my head can stop spinning like hell… freedom is something i would call self determined, it is something unique for each individual.. we all need to determine what is the meaning of freedom ourselves.. yes we are free to do all sort of things like free to make choices, free to walk, free to make friends, you name it… but it doesn’t mean that we are free to do everything, there are things that exist to limit freedom such as what we now called “rules”… even though these rules are made to limit our freedom, it is also we who makes them… so freedom is something we created and if it’s really created that means our freedom is not free at all… get it?? man this is really confusing.. i think i’m gonna leave it at that for now, my head can’t handle any more burden… LOL

so can you guys help me on this one??

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Dating Perfect Guy/Girl??

hi guys… i’ve been wondering for a while now, the bible said that God creates human based on His image… but why is there are people with beautiful/handsome face, great bodies, nice legs (girls only!!) and pretty much perfect physique… but others weren’t so fortunate to get those kind of looks?? and these days people with good looks often got different kind of treats, they got treated BETTER!!! i know this doesn’t apply to everything but most if the time IT DOES!!! admit it, we all enjoy looking at them, befriend them, walk with them or even just talking to them makes us felt good (at least for me it does)… haha… but why stop at that point?? why doesn’t anyone want to take extra efforts to actually date them??

well my answer is in most case, people with good looks can only give us what we want but not what we need… of course what people want and need is different for each individual, that’s why there are lot of different kind of people to meet those criteria of ours… don’t you agree??

but seriously if anyone of you who happens to know the asnwer for “why doesn’t anyone want to take extra efforts to actually date them?? ” question… you can post it here, coz i’m kinda curious about it myself… LOL

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Chasing Dreams

hi guys… i just found out that there’s another topic in the daily post page so i thought “the hell i’m posting a response” LOL… so it’s about “Why do some people’s dreams get realized, and others don’t?” now that’s what i call interesting topic… dreams are something everyone has if not accomplished, we all has dreams even since we were children… the most common dream to children is:

1. i want to become a president

2. i want to become a pilot

3. i want to become an astronaut

admit it you all dreamed about those at least once, i dreamed of becoming a president myself (or rather still dreaming of it)… hahaha… but as time goes our dream continue to change and becoming more and more specific like “i want to own a famous restaurant” or something like that… dream is something each and everyone of us are encouraged to have and pursue, but the path that everyone take to pursue their dreams are different and unique… some take the academic path, some take the experience path and others even take the superstitious path… i’m going to explain what i mean by each path:

* The Academic Path

this looks like the most realistic path among all three… this path consist only one thing that is study, study and keep studying till you die… kidding, for most people just until you got your degree.. when you got your degrees you stop studying academically but the truth is lessons can be learned outside schools, college and universities… so it goes on and on until you die (this time i mean it)

* The Experience Path

this path is not as complicated as the academic path for it is used when people decide to stop their academic studies and rather gain knowledge through experience.. experience is one of the most important thing in life and also in pursuing your dreams

* The Superstitious Path

last but not least this path is not common but it doesn’t mean nobody choose it… some people are who too lazy to study and pursue knowledge through experience often chooses this path… they believe that they don’t have to do anything and just let other worldly forces to act for them… they do stuff like praying, worshiping deities and some even refer to sacrificing (now that is just plain wrong)..  errr i think i watched too many horror movie, my bad… *ashamed*

well i myself believe in both academic and experience path and for the superstitious stuff, i’ll just do the praying thank you… because for me it’s like 80-20 which is 80% hard work and 20% praying… for me  the things that decides whether our dreams can be fulfilled or not is which path we choose and how hard we work to achieve them… oh and other factor is connection, i don’t have to explain how important this is right..

that’s my opinion about chasing dreams… what is yours??

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Social Network

hi guys… like any other day i visit the daily post’s topic ideas page and i saw another interesting question “Do you need another social network?”… it didn’t take long till i said “hell yea we do!!” LOL… social network is an awesome place to meet someone new, keep contact with friends and also it’s the best place to finally gain contact with a long lost friend… seriously, i met lots of my kindergarten friends (i’m now at the last semester as a university student) at facebook…. so i was like “whoa!! do you really my kindergarten friend?? i barely remember you  at all (alibi from forgetting them)”… and also as the name suggest, social network made friend making process a lot easier we can just add them and then say hi later… can you imagine doing the same without social network it will be like going to a total stranger and say hi to them… ugh talking about an awkward moment LOL…

but if we have to add another to the group of many (i really meant many) of the social network that already exist, i guess it’s probably not a good idea at all.. instead of making new social network they should upgrade the existing ones and make them even more useful…

so yeah my answer is changed from “hell yea we do need another social network” to “awww not another one”.. haha… how about you guys?

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I’m Posting every day in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a day / once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.



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