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hi guys… like any other day i visit the daily post’s topic ideas page and i saw another interesting question “Do you need another social network?”… it didn’t take long till i said “hell yea we do!!” LOL… social network is an awesome place to meet someone new, keep contact with friends and also it’s the best place to finally gain contact with a long lost friend… seriously, i met lots of my kindergarten friends (i’m now at the last semester as a university student) at facebook…. so i was like “whoa!! do you really my kindergarten friend?? i barely remember you  at all (alibi from forgetting them)”… and also as the name suggest, social network made friend making process a lot easier we can just add them and then say hi later… can you imagine doing the same without social network it will be like going to a total stranger and say hi to them… ugh talking about an awkward moment LOL…

but if we have to add another to the group of many (i really meant many) of the social network that already exist, i guess it’s probably not a good idea at all.. instead of making new social network they should upgrade the existing ones and make them even more useful…

so yeah my answer is changed from “hell yea we do need another social network” to “awww not another one”.. haha… how about you guys?

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