hi guys… as you can see this is my second post since i started this blog thing… so yeah i’m a COMPLETE NEWBIE… LOL…. but the thing is i just can’t get the hang of this blog making activities… so after i write my first post here i was like “what am i supposed to do next??” and i thought “oh maybe i’ll just wait for my post to get reviews and comments and then i can figure out what else to do here”… so i wait and wait and wait and wait and guess what? after waiting all night i only got 2 views and 0 comment on my blog, can this get any sadder?? GAH!! this is hopeless… am i doing it wrong?? so to you all senior blogger out there and happens to read this please comment it so i can know if i’m doing it right…


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3 Responses to HELP!!!

  1. cleopatra333 says:

    I’m a newbie also. Don’t panic. You’ll find your way around. I have read some really wonderful blogs here. Reach out and you will find what you need. Good luck. Hope to see you on postaday/week soon.

  2. Travis says:

    Noob here. Just keep posting every day. If what you share resonates with people, they will keep coming back. It’s what we all hope for – a way to share our soul with the world.

  3. pink woods says:

    Hello there! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not commenting here because I see myself as a pro or whatever, I’m also new here. But what I can just say is that don’t post or write just for people to see or comment on. If you really wanted to keep a blog, keep it, whether you have traffic or not. Just write what you want to write. In my short stay here, I realized that when I write what I wanted to write, instead of what I think people would like to see me write, I generate more views and comments, as well as likes. So don’t worry. Keep on posting. And if it doesn’t work, then just think that at least, you have some sort of a personal blog or diary like that. 🙂 Good luck and God bless to us. 😀

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