Chasing Dreams

hi guys… i just found out that there’s another topic in the daily post page so i thought “the hell i’m posting a response” LOL… so it’s about “Why do some people’s dreams get realized, and others don’t?” now that’s what i call interesting topic… dreams are something everyone has if not accomplished, we all has dreams even since we were children… the most common dream to children is:

1. i want to become a president

2. i want to become a pilot

3. i want to become an astronaut

admit it you all dreamed about those at least once, i dreamed of becoming a president myself (or rather still dreaming of it)… hahaha… but as time goes our dream continue to change and becoming more and more specific like “i want to own a famous restaurant” or something like that… dream is something each and everyone of us are encouraged to have and pursue, but the path that everyone take to pursue their dreams are different and unique… some take the academic path, some take the experience path and others even take the superstitious path… i’m going to explain what i mean by each path:

* The Academic Path

this looks like the most realistic path among all three… this path consist only one thing that is study, study and keep studying till you die… kidding, for most people just until you got your degree.. when you got your degrees you stop studying academically but the truth is lessons can be learned outside schools, college and universities… so it goes on and on until you die (this time i mean it)

* The Experience Path

this path is not as complicated as the academic path for it is used when people decide to stop their academic studies and rather gain knowledge through experience.. experience is one of the most important thing in life and also in pursuing your dreams

* The Superstitious Path

last but not least this path is not common but it doesn’t mean nobody choose it… some people are who too lazy to study and pursue knowledge through experience often chooses this path… they believe that they don’t have to do anything and just let other worldly forces to act for them… they do stuff like praying, worshiping deities and some even refer to sacrificing (now that is just plain wrong)..  errr i think i watched too many horror movie, my bad… *ashamed*

well i myself believe in both academic and experience path and for the superstitious stuff, i’ll just do the praying thank you… because for me it’s like 80-20 which is 80% hard work and 20% praying… for me  the things that decides whether our dreams can be fulfilled or not is which path we choose and how hard we work to achieve them… oh and other factor is connection, i don’t have to explain how important this is right..

that’s my opinion about chasing dreams… what is yours??

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4 Responses to Chasing Dreams

  1. Thanks for the generous invite. I’d love to share mine with you through a free MP3, which I will send to thee, if you will send me your email here or to

  2. nunalivhaber says:

    I realyyy like this post. keep going 🙂

    • liomax says:

      thx a lot!!! you make me want to keep writing but i don’t know if it’ll be any good… but i hope you can enjoy my other posts… and do leave a comment if you drop by… have a nice day and good luck on your blogs ^^

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