What is Freedom?? ugh my head!!

hi guys… today’s topic is freedom… gosh!! just typing that word already made my head spins…. anyway lets just do it so my head can stop spinning like hell… freedom is something i would call self determined, it is something unique for each individual.. we all need to determine what is the meaning of freedom ourselves.. yes we are free to do all sort of things like free to make choices, free to walk, free to make friends, you name it… but it doesn’t mean that we are free to do everything, there are things that exist to limit freedom such as what we now called “rules”… even though these rules are made to limit our freedom, it is also we who makes them… so freedom is something we created and if it’s really created that means our freedom is not free at all… get it?? man this is really confusing.. i think i’m gonna leave it at that for now, my head can’t handle any more burden… LOL

so can you guys help me on this one??

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One Response to What is Freedom?? ugh my head!!

  1. amoralegria says:

    Freedom, I think, doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want to do all the time. Like the second part of the prompt question asked, after you make a choice (and are bound by it), are you still free? I would say yes, because freedom to me means to have the ability to choose your path in life. Life is a series of choices and decisions, so even if you have made a choice that limits you in some way, or affects others, you still are free because it was YOUR choice.
    I agree with you that freedom is always limited to staying within the law or following the rules (because if you don’t, then your freedom will be taken away if you go to jail!!). We are free to break the rules, but then we must suffer the consequences of doing that. Most people choose to live within a set of rules because it is what holds us together as a society and because we are all interdependent: what I do affects you, what you do affects another person, what another person does affects me, etc. We do not have the freedom to deny freedom to someone else, if that person has not infringed on anyone else’s freedom!

    There are societies in which you can get into trouble just for stating your opinion about something or someone. In dictatorships, a lot of people live in fear, which curtails their freedom. They may be free to have whatever they want to eat, or free to give birth, etc. – personal things, but not having what we call “First Amendment Rights” I would say that means those people are not really free.

    I didn’t think I could write so much on this topic, but you’ve inspired me! So thanks for that, and I’ll post my thoughts on my blog! amoralegria

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