hi guys… it looks like there’s another job for my imagination again today… so today’s topic is “if you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?”… it’s the easiest question ever, i meant it… the thing that i want most is to be successful in everything i do, that count as one thing right?? it has to be!!… LOL… why you ask?? another easy question to be answered… i mean it’s way better that to ask for money, gold, job, car, girls or whatever it is… because just by being successful in everything and i meant EVERYTHING!!! it’s not that i’m selfish or what but like everyone else (yes that includes you… haha), we all want to be successful in what we do… i just add another word to it which is “everything”… gosh i love that word!!!

anyway that is just me imagining things… LOL… but let’s just be realistic for once, there’s no person in existence that can be successful in everything.. we all have those up and down moment which will complete the circle of life.. if we never fail we will never taste what it is like to be successful, the word “success” only exist if the word “fail” also there.. it’s like living an eternal life without knowing death, we won’t enjoy life to the fullest if there’s no limit to it…it will just go on and on and on, just like that movie errr… what was it called again?? that movie that have vampires on it… oh yeah twilight, the vampire always want to be human because their life are super boring.. or is it the human that want to be vampire?? hmmm… nah forget it, anyway that is what life so precious because we know that will die eventually so we have to enjoy every second of it…

so that’s my imagination’s answer to the question “if you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?”… what’s yours?? i really want to know… hope you can post them here in my comments ^^

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