perfect nation??

hi guys… another day another topic, man these topics are getting harder and harder each day… so apparently today’s topic is about making our own nation, i mean how cool can that be if we can really do it… i think i’ll let my imagination to do all the work now, lets see….. if i’m gonna make my own nation it’s gonna be a small and less crowded one but has more entertainment in it… i want to make a entertainment paradise for all kind of people to enjoy and i’ll make sure to have absolutely no limitation on it… children will have their own play ground where they can play roles (like being fireman, pilot, etc), games, and not to mention there’s gonna be a miniature city made of legos where they can play with… adult and teenager will have their own amusement park where they can do all kind of things such as roller coaster, bungee jumping, flying fox, you name it… oh and also casino!!! legal one that is… LOL… and for the elders there’s going to be lots of clubs and errrr… hmmmm… what else they enjoy??? i’m not there yet so i don’t know.. hahah…

even though it is an entertainment paradise nation but we also need rules and law to keep it going and to make sure there’s nothing will went wrong (hopefully)… i haven’t really thought about it yet…. *silent*…. nah i’ll figure it out when the time comes, all that matter is we can all have fun there right?? LOL

well since you guys are very kind to actually help me in making my post by commenting and giving me ideas to complete the posts,  i was wondering if you can fill in the blank (the rules)… so can you guys help me again on this?? pretty please?? hahaa

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