crowded gym

hi guys… do you ever think of going to the gym? i mean not just visiting the gym but actually working out there? lately i realized that gym is getting more and more member each day… why do i know this you ask??  because i am a member of a gym myself… LOL… at first my gym had like only few members but as i went there each day i met more and more new faces there… eventually that gym became so crowded i can’t even work out peacefully,  when i was like seriously lifting weight i heard this scream like “uuaaagggghhhhh” and “gaahhhhh” and guess what, it came from this huge man when he lift this monstrous looking dumbbell (i wish i can do that too *sigh*)… this scream keeps going on and on and on and on, i mean can’t this guys lift his weight with errr… less scream?? i know that sometimes by screaming we can gain additional strength and sometimes i do that myself but not as loud as they do.. another type of disturbance i got when the gym is crowded is when i use an equipment there some stranger would come and say “can i join?” and i was like “sure”… but it’s just so inconvenient that i have to adjust the weight back everytime he change it.. well it’s not all bad though there’s also a good side in everything right… when someone join me while training we can get help from them whenever we need.. oh and not to mention how hard it is to find the dumbbell, it scattered all over the place!!! some stupid members decide to throw them everywhere after they done with it.. it pissed me off so badly that i decide to never i mean NEVER go to the gym when it is crowded, that’s why i choose to go there every morning where there’s less people… hahaha…

so that’s my story about crowded gym… do you guys have any? well lets share it here…

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One Response to crowded gym

  1. whitemarz says:

    lol. I used to go to a gym but canceled my membership a few months ago! It too got really crowded. Being a female, what bothered me the most, was when other girls would have the nerve to hover over me (out of pure nosiness) to see how fast I was running or how much weight I was lifting. It felt more like a competition between Barbies then a gym workout.

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