i’m too lazy to write *yawn*

hi guys… i don’t feel like writing today, i’m too lazy… booo… anyway lets talk about laziness shall we?? as much as we don’t want to admit it, we all have this thing called laziness… you say you don’t?? one word “IHATEYOU!!!”… i’m one of those who you calls lazy bum, and i’m proud of it (what the hell?!!).. but that’s too had a cause (o yeah i have an alibi *devilish laugh*), that’s because everyday i do the same routine… i basically only do 3 thing which is sleep, eat and go to sleep again, wow i am the master of all lazy bums… wooohoooo….

most people would probably have this stereotype thoughts that laziness=stupidity.. and that is just dumb, i mean we’re just lazy to do things ourselves so to make up for that we enhance our brain so we can make other people to do them for us… so the conclusion must be laziness=genius!! yes take that you stereotype peoples… LOL… but i really don’t encourage people to be lazy, it will be much better if we can do things our own… after all laziness is something negative but it’s all the more reason to think more positive about it so we can do what we can to stop that laziness…

i think that’s all for this post, i’m too busy to write more (i have to get more sleep)… hahaha… so like every other of my posts i would like to hear your comment about this topic too… so please comment below and prove to me that you are not a lazy bum!! now i’ll get more comments (probably)

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One Response to i’m too lazy to write *yawn*

  1. whitemarz says:

    Yeah, I’m lazy too. haha. I just recently graduated from college and have been feeling extra lazy lately. After vacation I’ll get my lazy self up to gain some more work experience. My next goal will be to work more. ;^)

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