stupid question

hi guys.. did you ever got terribly annoyed when someone ask a stupid question?? well i do.. LOTS OF TIME!! one of the most irritating question that ever exist is “can i ask you a question?”… i mean didn’t you just do that just by asking that?? and also you obviously didn’t give me much of an option by asking that do you… so why does people still asking them?? another big mystery of life i guess… another example of stupid question: me and my friend are hanging out in one of my friend’s house and after some time i felt like  wanting to  pee, so i ask my friend “where is your toilet?” and he was like “there (*pointing at the toilet)… why do you ask??” then i went silent… i mean isn’t it obvious that when people ask where the toilet is that means they want to go pee or poop there?? that is what toilet are for right?

so that’s my story about “stupid question”… how about you guys??

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2 Responses to stupid question

  1. And how it annoys the “Can I ask a question” people when I say, “You just did, want to try for another.” The truly dense don’t even get what I am saying. Glad to find I am not alone in the world.

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