aisle or window?

so earlier today when i visit the daily post page i saw some interesting question which is “Do you prefer the aisle or window when traveling? why?”… and i was like “hey that’s interesting enough to make a post out of it”… so here goes,  when we travel by plane the seats consist of 2 to 3 seats per row and each row have what we calls the aisle and window in each corner… some people prefer sitting in the aisle everytime they travel because they say it is easier when they want to go to the toilet without having to bump into other passenger in the process… but others prefer sitting in the window (including me) because they can enjoy the view when they are flying above the cities, the view is especially gorgeous at night i mean when the cities lit up in lights it almost like a sea of stars with many different colors…

but wait i seems like forgetting something… hmmm…. o yeah the middle seat, sorry  i almost forgot about it since it’s not so favorable to almost everyone (especially me)… but lets discuss it anyway, sitting in the middle seat is like being an outcast.. we can’t go to the toilet without bumping to other passenger and we can’t see the view from the window as well… not to mention  the lack of space we got when

we sit there, it’s like we have to squeeze ourselves to fit in there..

so that is me telling you guys about my opinion on the aisle or window question… how about you guys??

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One Response to aisle or window?

  1. Yor Ryeter says:

    Middle seat is the ultimate challenge – last time I got that I end up watching movies and catching up to t.v. shows I missed and I did envy the person looking out the window enjoying the view :p

    Here was my post 😉

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