do you believe in parallel world?

some people or even experts believe that other than our world, exist many world that is similar to our own that worlds are called “parallel world”… they say there’s even another “us” in each of them so i was like “how come it’s possible?!”… of course there is no evidence that parallel world even exist, but when i think of it we can’t wipe the possibilities of its existence… think of it, we all believe that everything we do is because we chose to do that but WHAT IF we chose another option wouldn’t it have a whole new and different result? like for an example when we choose which college we should go to and after some serious thoughts and time spent we finally chose to attend college A and bam! we become what we are today… but again with the big question WHAT IF, what if we chose college B?? can we become like we are today? or we’ll become entirely different individual? that thought is the reason the parallel world theory exist today…

so no i don’t think parallel world exist but i can’t say that this theory is completely wrong because we don’t have the evidence that it exist but we also don’t have the evidence to say that it don’t exist…

what is your opinion about this?

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